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Gay Ann Rogers, Needlework


Elizabeth Class at Shining Needle Society

Elizabeth’s Hair

More than one of you asked for some closeups of Elizabeth’s Hair as I stitched it. Here are three photos upside down because that is how you stitch it of my Elizabeth in progress.

If you look carefully at the closeups you will see some flickerings of canvas spots, a sure sign that I didn’t pack the knots too closely together. Remember, the first responsibility of the stitch is to service the design: I want the knots to look like hair. 

Hope these photos help.

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The focus is not as good on the photo above but I thought it important to include because it shows the spacing of the knots as I began working on the broad side of Elizabeth’s hair.

The photo on the right shows the broad side completed and if you look closely you will see both the spacing of the knots and floppiness of them. Of course this photo is much magnified, so when you see my portrait in reality, you can’t see the flickerings of canvas showing.

The photo below shows the part and how I brought the knots together.

These are photos I took while I was stitching my portrait. You have Kate to thank for encouraging me to take them.